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Every child can benefit from Sports. It improves his or her coordination, flexibility, and strength.


Every child deserves the opportunity to achieve his or her goals, whatever those goals may be.


Every child should feel like they are the most important child in our organization, regardless of physical ability.


Every person who is touched by our organization should benefit from the relationship. 


Coordination is a very important component of self-esteem. Improving coordination improves self-esteem.


Athletics can provide a solid foundation for other challenges, activities, and sports in the future.

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At Bayside Sports Academy our primary goal is to provide children with life-skills through athletics.  


We believe that the child must always come before the athlete and that each childs self-esteem and self-image is worth far more than any trophy.  


We strive to provide a family-friendly, positive, fun, and safe environment where our students can learn to love to be active.  


We understand that coaches and teachers have the ability to make a huge impact on the life of a child, a responsibility we take very seriously. 


Our staff members value their positions as role models and their responsibility to do what they can to provide our students with confidence and skills that can be used to enhance their lives.

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