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Little Ninjas recreational classes are designed specifically for children ages 4 and 5. Little Ninjas love this fast paced class that introduces how to safely run, jump, hang, and roll on and over obstacles specific to their ability and size. This class is designed to prepare children for the larger assorted obstacles on our ninja rig.

Ninja Runners_BAYSIDELogo.jpg

Ninja Runners recreational classes are offered for children ages 6 and up. Learn to overcome obstacles,  think on your feet and react quickly and precisely to defeat anything around you. Ninjas love this fast paced class that incorporates ninja creed lessons with connected movements and gross motor skills. This class promotes speed and precision, strength and agility. Your child will enjoy an hour long class filled with running, jumping, landing, and rolling by utilizing obstacles including quad steps, warped walls, bars, balance obstacles, slack lines, and an assortment of hanging obstacles on our ninja rig.


Ninja Team is offered for children ages 4 and up. Looking to be part of a competitive team? Train alongside athletes with the same mindset and attend ninja competitions together! Click here to request more information!


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