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Tumbling classes are offered for school-aged children and are designed to train athletes to attain their tumbling goals. Whether the athlete is interested in cheerleading, free-running, or just enjoys learning tumbling skills, this program is geared toward safely teaching the progressions of tumbling.

Beginner athletes will acquire skills such as handstands, cartwheels, and bridges and use the trampolines and the tumble tracks to sharpen their jumps and round-offs. As the students progress, they will focus on skills such as back bend kick-overs, back walkovers, and the beginning stages of a back handspring.

Intermediate athletes will practice perfecting technique on single skills such as back walkovers, back handsprings, round-offs, and front walkovers. They will also work on skill combinations, such as round-off back handsprings, standing two back handsprings, front walkover round-off back handsprings, etc. The athlete will utilize the rod floor and the tumble tracks to help them reach their goals.

Advanced athletes will be learning skills such as: back handspring back tucks, layouts, and fulls. These athletes will practice proper technique and they will learn various combinations such as punch front step-outs and whips. Students will utilize the tumble track and the rod floor to sharpen their skills and attain their goals.


love to jump & bounce & tumble?

Check out Trampoline & Tumbling!

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Trampoline & Tumbling classes offer trampoline and tumbling in one class! Bayside's trampoline & tumbling classes are designed for school-aged children to learn skills on Double-Mini Trampoline, Trampoline, and Rod Floor. Practicing these skills will result in improved air awareness, build strength and flexibility while improving their self-confidence & self-esteem.

Bayside Tumbe Tots Logo

Tumble Tots classes are offered for children ages 4 - 6. These classes focus on Trampoline skills and Tumbling skills while helping develop air awareness, strength, and flexibility.

Students will get to experience our trampolines, tumble tracks, foam pits, age-appropriate mats, and more!

Got a little one?

Try Tumble Tots!


want to try tumbling as an adult?

Adult Tumbling classes are available!

Adult Tumbling classes ​are designed to promote strength, flexibility, and balance through an instructional class geared to adults of all skill levels. This class is for those who want to develop their tumbling abilities, receive a well-balanced cardio/strength/flexibility workout, and enjoy the company of like-minded individuals.

Beginner, Intermediate, and Intermediate/Advanced classes are available! Your first class is Free, sign up today.

Adult Classes: Looking for other adult classes? Click here

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